ending the torture

March 29, 2009

In January I signed up for a distance ed course that would give me the one remaining prerequisite for the Education programs at UVic and TRU in BC.  I already had what I needed to get into the institutions I really wanted to go to; this class and those extra applications were to give Kevin more options for where to find work.

The content of the course isn’t so bad but there is a tonne of it and the prof has been brutal to communicate with.  That combined with not really wanting to do this class have made getting anything done absolute torture!  And now of course, with me wanting to do the Waldorf teacher training instead this course seems like a royal waste of time.

Rather than torture myself with this course hanging over my head I think I’ll do something I’ve never done before – withdraw from the course.   That way I don’t have to keep fighting the urge to sew, spend time with friends, do more tri training or learn more about Waldorf and anthroposophy.  Sounds like a good deal to me!



  1. I hate those kind of courses. When I was in University doing my degree, I had a few of those waste of your time courses. Are you thinking of moving to Kamloops? That is where we moved from and if you need some information on the city let me know. My best friend has applied to the Education program for September and is just finishing up her pre reqs at TRU. I also met some women in town just before I left who formed an attachment parenting group and are looking at putting something together around Waldorf Education for their children. Let me know if you need any info.

  2. Yay! I’m so glad you’re going to get that one off your shoulders. If you don’t need it anymore, why take the course if it isn’t enjoyable?

  3. You must feel just grand right about now. How ’bout a celebration?

  4. I just got a letter in the mail from TRU today. They don’t know I can’t go there now that I’ve dropped the course. Oops.

    Rochelle – thanks for the heads up. If we do go there I will definitely want to ask you more. I’m not completely positive that the Waldorf program is the best way to go since the Alberta schools still require a B.Ed. but BC is the plan so hopefully it doesn’t matter!

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