time with friends

March 16, 2009

The past two days were so good!

Rather than feel guilty about the homework I wasn’t doing this weekend, I decided to live in the moment and let homework happen when I was ready for it.  It’s certainly not the way to get a course finished in a short amount of time but it was far less painful and I wound up enjoying myself.

Saturday was satisfying but I can’t really tell you what we did for most of the day.  I know there was some music music playing (Kevin recently started playing the violin and I just acquired a recorder) and a walk through our neighbourhood.  We were going merrily along with our day when we came to the surprising realization that it was already 6 pm!  It was so sunny outside and we weren’t even thinking about dinner.  We quickly set into action and made plans for a brunch the next morning and prepared to go out for groceries.  Dinner was l-a-a-a-te but it was good.

Sunday morning was fairly lazy although I’m always surprised with my urge to clean when we have company coming.  Kevin made up lunch and we had a great visit with friends for the afternoon.  We don’t do these semi-impromptu get togethers very often so it was especially nice.

Our friends had just been to Maui and had some great suggestions for what to plan in our trip.  I hadn’t done much research on where to go or where to stay but this visit was just the motivation I needed.   (Kevin on the other hand has done a lot so could at least dialogue knowledgably.)  When Kevin gets home tonight we’ll make the calls to reserve what we need.  We’re aiming for a half-way between his desire for a home base and my desire to figure things out as we go.  Most rentals don’t work this way but we’ve found a few so we’ll stay under different roofs at the start and end of our trip and plan our camping once we’re there.

Sunday evening was also a good one.  I met with some other Waldorf folks for a brief discussion on temperaments.  While I really like what I’m learning and the connections we make in these sessions I find the “special” language used by Steiner and his followers a little odd.

In all a great weekend… and now I actually want to do homework.



  1. The terms certainly are different than the ones I am used to seeing. LOL. I am on this website here: http://www.openwaldorf.com/temperaments.html
    And I have to say that I really don’t like the idea of drawing conclusions based on traits such as build.
    I think that all children defy classification and that even within the period of a few short years their personalities can change drastically while their defining traits don’t.
    What do you think?

  2. Yeah, we’ve had lots of discussion about the body types not really fitting. Our diets are soooo different today and there was some source that mentioned the physical features as more relevant in later life.

  3. When we went to Maui we rented a Westfalia Vanagon and it was awesome. We could just pull over and home base was right there with us. Give me a call if you want the name of the company.
    Lucky you to be going to Hawaii!!!!

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