window stars

March 12, 2009

It’s a bright, sunny and warm day today.  I haven’t been outside much but I did enjoy basking in the sun from my spot in the library this afternoon.  I was having trouble focusing and thought a change in scenery would help.  I didn’t get as much work done as I wanted but it was a big improvement on yesterday afternoon.

I’ve been working on a post for a few days now but it’s just not going the way I want it to so instead I’m sharing my “artwork” from the weekend.  I had been wanting to try my hand at a kite paper star for a while and finally got to it on Sunday.  I had heard that star making is addictive.  It’s also somewhat medatative.


I made the 8 pointed one first and thought it was rather dull so I experimented with an extra fold on each side of each sheet to get the 16 pointed one.  I’ve seen some other cool variations and when I get a bit of free time again I’ll try.  I’d like to make some smaller ones two.  There’s barely room for the two of these on our sliding door.


Here’s a closeup of the 8 pointed one.  I finished it at night so I thought it was rather big and boring.  With the sun shining it looks far better and more like a colour wheel.

Oh happy sunny day!



  1. I just love that 16 (?) pointed one! So interesting.

  2. Both are interesting and beautiful! We made those some weeks back at the home learning group’s craft time. It was so fun and I wanted to make them again at home but haven’t yet. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. These are beautiful! Are they easy to make? I have seen them on other blogs, but haven’t attempted to try making them.

  4. These are easy but not necessarily quick to make. I really like how they brighten up the windows in winter – especially during the cold snap we just had. I used the instructions at http://www.duofiberworks.com/journal/2009/1/5/window-star-tutorial.html for the eight pointed one. For the 18 pointed ones I made an extra fold on the outside tip and then an extra one on the inside. I hope that makes sense?

    I bought the paper from the school but Acorn’s Journey sells it too. I’m looking forward to getting my book order from them – any day now!

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