fit fun

March 1, 2009

I’m finally getting back on track with my training.  It turns out that combo of overdoing it in workout and then walking 5+ km on concrete in studded boots resulted in ouched MCL’s.

My sister had the same kind of injury a decade or so ago and I remember it took her a long time to recover.  On the positive side, her determination to get better lead her to triathlon and she’s the most fit she’s ever been now.  I can handle that!

I’m doing my stretches and working at getting stronger on the bike.  Intensity doesn’t seem to be a problem but my knees aren’t quite stable enough for being out of the saddle but at least they don’t hurt all the time now.  And I’ve been doing pushups on the handlebars when everyone else is standing so at least I’m getting a variety.  I think it’s helping my breast stroke pull too actually.  I should probably hold off a while before adding the breast stroke kick but it’s all good.

Today was my first day back on the wall and while there’s no proof I thought I’d share this photo of me introducing a little man to the wall.  I’m sure M will post some of the true action shots later too.03-fun-fit


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