Avoiding the trap

February 6, 2009

I’m taking one final online course to fulfil my B.Ed. entry requirements. I’m frustrated by my instructor’s lack of communication but I’m trying not to fall into my usual trap of getting frustrated and then either making a big stink or becoming completely ambivalent.

For a web course it seems absurd to me that an instructor won’t answer simple questions in email.  The first time I asked something which I thought was really straight forward (because it was really just 3 questions that could be answered with yes/no) he responded to tell me to call him during his office hours.  This seemed absurd since he already knew that I have other commitments at those times.  I followed up to say I’d call as late as I could – just before office hours and when I called I left a message with a repeat of my questions.  That was Tuesday and I’m still waiting on a phone message or email response.

I know I should just get that first assignment done and worry about what the results are later but my frustrations are eating away at me. I so wish I could drop this course without screwing with our BC plan!



  1. Is there a way to make a complaint? He really should be more flexible if it’s a correspondance course. Sheesh!

  2. Dear Teacher,

    I’m looking for a way that we can communicate more effectively? As you are already aware, I’m not often available during your office hours and it’s hard for me to get my assignments done without having some quick questions answered and like you, am also working around a busy schedule.

    Would you be willing to let me know how I could best communicate with you outside your office hours? It seems as though email would be the quickest and easiest as opposed to phoning and leaving you message?

    Student, who’s head will explode if you don’t work with me here… (ha)

  3. […] content of the course isn’t so bad but there is a tonne of it and the prof has come been brutal to communicate with.  That combined with not really wanting to do this class […]

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