breaking the rules

February 4, 2009

I have my own rules.  I think we all do, but how many people have their own snow removal rules?  I think I may be on my own there.

1. Keep sidewalks and driveway clear of snow.  This one is pretty easy.  If it snows, I shovel.  Quick removal reduces ice buildup and makes future clean ups easier.  Life is much sweeter now that Kevin understands why I’m so anal about this rule and helps maintain our chunk of concrete.

2. Don’t use de-icing salt.  It’s bad for the environment and besides there’s a watercourse a few hundred metres down the hill.

3. Be generous to neighbours and clear beyond the property line.  Go above and beyond whenever they are sick or away.

I’ve owned a house in this winter wonderland for 4 winters now and until this weekend I had never considered buying or using de-icing salt.  It was so hard for me to break that rule but if you had seen our sidewalk and the number of people who were using it this weekend you would understand.  The crazy part is that I had to break 2 other rules before I got to that one.  I’m disappointed in myself but I’m not sure whether I would do things differently next time.

I’m always worried that someone else will have a bad fall like I did a few years ago but thought people might actually stay indoors or avoid our road.  That didn’t seem to be the case so there was much shovel bouncing off of 2″ thick ice and guilt about the state of our walk before I finally reached for the forbidden chemical.  And of course with the trouble I was having with my own walk I wasn’t trying any more than I “had” to (i.e., not going next next door).

Yesterday I finally wiped the slate clean by chipping the whole chunk of sidewalk from neighbour to neighbour.  I was thinking my timing was spectacular when I spotted this machine right after I came inside.


Turns out he was just there to level out the snow but for now there’s no need for me to worry about someone slipping on our sidewalk as a result of our neglect.  Now if I could just convince some business owners to think the same way winter would be easy peasy around here!


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