16 things about me *updated*

February 1, 2009

I haven’t been blogging very long but this one is hungry to get out of the draft folder.  100 items was too much but 16?  That’s one of my favourite number so I decided to follow granola girl’s lead.  Anyways, here goes.

1. #16 is a cool number in my books because it just so happens to be in the date and time of my birth, is the number of Trevor Linden’s Canucks jersey, and is the square of another favourite, the number 4.  (I also like double 4’s).

2. Oh, how I long to be in the mountains!  Or on the coast (there are mountains there too).

3. I’m so NOT satisfied with my current work but I’ve stayed in the same place for five years.  Crazy, I know!  I never had trouble leaving a job I didn’t like until this time.  It’s amazing to me that my optimism about making a difference has lead to me being so discouraged.  Talk about regrets!

4.  For an extrovert I think a lot.  Most recently it has been about this work thing, what I want to do with my life and how to get Kevin the heck out of this town!

5. I was once vegan but chicken, turkey and fish are staples now.  I still feel guilty about eating poultry (no such guilt with fish for some reason that I don’t understand).   Meat is so easy to prepare and with so many dietary restrictions I feel like I should eat everything that doesn’t bother me.  Sometimes I still have a hard time stomaching it though.

6.  I used to be skinny and unable to gain weight.  Oh how the times have changed.  It took me 10 years but I’ve finally gained the freshman forty, er… thirty.

7.  As much as I needed to gain some of the weight I’m not happy about it.  Muscle weighs more than fat and so it’s not just about the weight I’ve gained but also the muscle I’ve lost.  As eluded to in my tri post it’s taken me a long time to get back onto the fitness band wagon but despite a setback with my knee I’m determined to get and stay fit.

8. I have trouble getting myself to bed on time  so I am often tired.  And more often than I’d like I’m also cranky.  I have yet to understand why Kevin sticks around!

9.  I love to camp, hike and be outside.  I’m not as happy around mosquitoes, cold rain or quads but sometimes that makes the perfect conditions all the more rewarding.

10.  I’ve been reading about the four temperaments and I’m not entirely sure where I fit but it’s nice to know some of my behaviours are considered normal for sanguines.

11. I used to play hockey and it was so much fun!   I mostly played D but in two different seasons my coach moved me to c because I could skate.  I always found that kind of funny since I couldn’t stick handle through traffic to save my life!

12.  I like the character and feel of small older houses but they don’t like me (mold, dust etc.).  I’d love to build my own efficient little house but it seems a waste not to take advantage of the stock that’s already out there.  That, and I seem to like to move…

13. I’d like to be a gypsy, at least for a summer.  That partly explains why the E is an E camper.

14. I’ve never been a girly girl but in the past year I’ve acquired my first 2 pairs of high heels – one for dancing, the others for “being grown up” and now my feet can’t stand either.  Grrr.  I am wearing necklaces now though!

15. I don’t use shampoo or laundry soap.  Life is better without smelly polluting soaps!   Thanks Annie.

16.  I got so excited about pizza last week that I forgot to make this my 16th post.  Darn!  That would be the sanguine in me:)

*Updated – here’s a photo of the “being grown up” shoes




  1. Hey, I just posted 25 random things about me on Facebook. Neat to read 16 random things about you. Nothing too shocking. I’m sure you find it shocking to own high heels but even I own one pair. So what if I only wore them to one event. 🙂 Maybe you should buy/rent this house…

  2. Ha ha heels! I have a silly photo from the day I brought them home – I was sort of crazy with glee for owning my first pair at the age of 3-0. I’m not sure what’s more pathetic – that I gave in or that I waited that long!

    Re: housing – I’d definitely to chat more about where the good areas are before you go.

  3. It’s been busy around here but I just added a photo of the one pair of shoes.

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