feeling groovy

January 30, 2009

I’m feeling good, a way I’ve longed to feel for so long.

Yesterday wasn’t without challenges but it was still great and I’m flying high today too.  I had a hard time getting up but then I felt like it was going to be one of those good days.  It’s probably that change of perspective from figuring things out but then when Krista announced I had won her book draw I was childlike in my giddiness.  I then went on to have a great chat with a colleague, an unexpected call from a friend and a bit of a rough talk with my mom who doesn’t get why I would want to give up my current career but really wants me to move close to home.

It was really treacherous on the roads so I didn’t make it to workout but I was still happy.  (Kevin and I ended up going through some of my “ultra miscellaneous” boxes so there were some good stories, good memories and some purging too.  Wow, what a difference a good mood makes.)

Whether today is a good day, a bad day, or something in between I’m sure you’ll love this amazing 16 minute video.  Yes, even if you’ve seen it before.



  1. I’m guessing your mom is worried about the security you have in your job, even if it’s not fulfilling, especially at this slower time economically. Hopefully she’ll see that having you close isn’t the main positive to the change but that you are doing something that enlivens you and brings joy to your life.

    You’ve always been so resourceful, L. I have all the confidence that any change you make will be a stepping stone to something great. At the very least it’s life experience!

  2. Yeah, it’s so weird… that seemed to be the way she saw it (life experience if nothing else) until I actually put the applications in. Then she started sounding unhappy. She was going to be a teacher but more because she didn’t know what else to do. It didn’t fit and she never followed through.

    I think given her bit of experience and the economy would be why she’s so nervous but then when have I never really followed the rules. Oh the past 5 years I guess. I’m not sure she understands that we’d probably be on the island already if we could both work in the same city by sticking to our parallel careers. lol.

    Now that I’ve figured it out I’m not so worried either. I think the hardest part is going to be figuring out where to live so we’re not stuck in this suburbia trap again!

  3. Maybe I have a big head but I am assuming that convo you talked about was the one with me. It really was a big pick me up for me too. Thanks.

  4. About what mountainannie said. Education is a recession proof industry. The need fluctuates from year to year but they’ll always need those.

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