step 1 completed

January 27, 2009

So that big change that’s on the horizon… one piece of it is school.

Today I sent my applications off to my top two choices and now because of the slowing down of our economy I’m getting ready to put together 3 more application packages… just in case it’s hard for Kevin to find the right job.  That’s going to be pretty hard to do regardless though because he’s pretty happy where he is.

Two years ago I was afraid to force a move because he truly wasn’t ready but a lot has changed in that time and he’s no longer talking about some far off time in the future when he says he wants to go back to he coast.

I’m so happy to have those applications out and know that we’ve finally taken some action towards leaving.  Our plans won’t become very firm for a few months yet but we’ve made one of the first baby step.  Yippee!



  1. So that means still a while longer before you take the baby step. Ha ha ha.

  2. What are you applying for? And where are you applying to?

  3. Oh how exciting!

  4. Good Luck with applying to school! What are you applying for?

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