bath bombs revisited

January 25, 2009

I finally have a photo of the two types of bath bombs to share.  I meant to share them sooner but you know how life sometimes gets in the way.  Now I’ve not only made two different types of bath bombs, but I’ve also written 2 of my first 20 blog posts about bath bombs.  That really IS crazy.

The pink ones are using Annie’s recipe and the white ones are from Krista’s recipe except I used cinnamon leaf essential oil and left out the colorant.  You can see the textures are quite different – the epsom salts seem to shimmer, but the end product is also more delicate than the rock solid white ones.01-bath-bombs2

*If* I try making either of these again there are some things I will do differently.  For example, measuring cups and cylindrical cylinders work for molds but because there’s no way for the air to escape it can be difficult to remove them without causing breakage.  I’m not sure what I would use instead but I would look for something with a hole in the bottom or a slightly conical shape (so that it’s wider on the top).  There’s got to be something around here that fits that description, should I be in need of making more sometime soon.

It’s been a busy weekend – yesterday and Friday night were devoted to the provincial lego tournament and this year it was a home schoolers group that won – just like on the east coast!  The reigning champs went to a different tournament this year and it was so nice to see a different group of kids win.  Me and a lot of the other volunteers were really impressed with their robot design and how cohesiveness the team was since they didn’t see each other every day.  It was a long day but a fun day.

Here’s to a great week full of sun and warming temperatures!



  1. How neat to see other people trying this recipe 🙂
    I used mini muffin tins, but large ones would work well, too. We also used ice cube trays. Both of which let the bombs fall right out when we tipped them over.

    Aren’t they a fun, simple project for a rainy afternoon?

  2. Those look so pretty! I haven’t had time to make another batch but I have everything I need. I’m looking forward to it. I actually bought small muffin tins not long ago, based on Krista’s experience.

  3. I know you aren’t keen on plastic crap but IKEA has these rubbery ice cube trays that have cool shapes. They are a $1.50 or something. You could try that.

  4. That’s a good idea, the worldismyoyster. I just saw a heart version of that at the thrift shop. I should have bought it for bath bombs!

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