crazy pizza

January 22, 2009

When we started making dinner tonight I had no intentions of turning the process into a blog post.  Oh, I love how things change like that.  I was relaying to Kevin how a friend of mine from university was making pizza today too because I noticed her facebook post.  That made me happy.

Usually I buy these ridiculously expensive spelt tortillas for me but today I was in the mood to make them from scratch, just like in the old days.


pizza production

While we were preparing the pizzas that our funny diets require we started singing Charlotte Diamond’s “I am a pizza”.  We couldn’t remember the French words for oregano so you know what that would mean… yep we went to Youtube, because the whole song is available there.

You’re probably wondering why this dink pair would be singing kids songs and I love the story so here goes.

Since Kevin is gluten free among other things, we  sometimes check in on gluten free girls blog.  I’m sure we’d visit more if there wasn’t so much dairy but I digress.  In the fall I came across this post.  Reading Shauna’s post, I realized just how many of the songs I knew – every single one!  I was reading out some of the post to Kevin and he recognized most of them too so of course we had to find e versions of the songs to singalong with.  It was so much fun!

That takes me to Charlotte Diamond and pizza.  We just couldn’t get our fill of songs from our childhood so we started looking for what our French Immersion sisters listened to, and well, the pizza song stuck.


My crazy spelt tortilla pizza

Our pizza today rocked, thanks to some happy coincidences and the song “I am a pizza”.


Kev's "bread" pizza



  1. That’s how you know you haven’t been blogging long- you didn’t immediately see a blog post in the activity you were about to do! Ha!

    Looks good! I love pizza. Not so sure I love Charlotte Diamond though. Ha. Makes me think of my sister playing it over and over when she was small. I do have the carrots (?) album on my computer that Lily likes to listen to.

  2. Yum Yum! I may have to make pizza now. Where did you get your recipe for gluten free crust?

  3. Annie, I’m confused about the blog posting part -were you planning something similar? If it’s the 10 carrot diamond album you have I’m pretty sure you would have the pizza song but you’ve probably checked by now though! It’s a good reminder of some of the French even if it is silly.

    GG: You’re doing gluten free? I had no idea! We usually use the rice tortillas from save on but they were out last night and we were too hungry and tired to make a real crust so we used bread which is even less common in our house. We picked up a vintage copy of a Bette Hagman’s Gluten Free Gourmet from a library sale and it has a few options that work. If you want me to send you the one Kev likes best just let me know!

  4. No, I haven’t gone gluten free. I just think that it is good to lay off the wheat as I think we overload our bodies with it. I am wondering if I am sensitive to it though. When I make bread, I feel so sluggish after eating a piece and tired. Plus I have a lot of digestive issues that I need to work on, so who knows, I may just have to cut out wheat for awhile to see if it is having an effect on my body.

  5. I just mean that after I started blogging a while I was seeing blog postings in all the activities we were doing!

  6. GG, wheat doesn’t really agree with me and while no gluten is probably better I’ve done really well with sticking to spelt. At one time I used kamut a lot too but it’s high in gluten and I never really liked it that much. Whole spelt is darn close to a 1:1 replacement with wheat, white spelt takes a little bit more than that – 1/8-1/4 cup more per cup. But maybe you’ve been doing this for a while already?

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