gawk and awe

January 20, 2009

When we were in southern California we were warned about “the look” E owners give when they notice the pop top lid.  I was so excited every time we saw an E because the reaction was so predictable and entertaining – they would pull up close, and then give a double take with a dropped jaw.  This kind of thing happened multiple times a day in SoCal where there are so many E’s.  The further we got from San Diego the fewer the E’s we would see but we still had fun watching for them.  (We had done this before the trip but with the new lid the reactions were way more interesting.)

We’ve been back in Canada for a few months and E sightings here are rare.  I’m lucky to see one in a day and a “wave” is even more rare.  Today was different – three sightings on the same road and two of them clearly noticed my funny roof!

I so wish I had a picture of the first guy who noticed.  I was behind him for a km or two and then got ahead by being in another lane at a red light.  He hadn’t responded to my wave when I passed so I was disappointed.  But… as I snuck a peek in my side view mirror I noticed his eyes seemed fixed on this camper.  It took him a while to come beside me after the light turned green but then it was California all over again.  He lingered for a while to get in a good look and then pulled up with a dropped jaw.  He gave a  nice big wave before he sped up and away… just like what happened in California.  Oh, it was so good.  And so much more drawn out since we weren’t racing down a freeway.  I think I’ve got my fix for a few months now.

The previous “gawk and awe” was kind of funny too.  We were in Utah and spotted our “twin”.  We parked next door and wound up talking to the owners for a bit.  They were nice folks that hailed from the area we had just been for the conversion.  They had never seen or heard of the camper but you could just see how excited they were by the possibility.  Here’s a pic so you can see our vehicles and how “subtle” the difference is.

"before and after"

Driving this E is sweet but camping again is going to be even better!


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