January 15, 2009

In my pocket is a photograph… words to one of my favourite songs.

There aren’t any photo’s in my pockets these days, and truth be told there aren’t many photos taken by me in the past few years period.

There was a time when I loved photography and took my camera everywhere.  That was back in the time of film camera’s and not all that long ago in the grand scheme of things!  I didn’t actually make the move to digital until my high school reunion – less than four years ago, yikes.   And then Kevin became interested and started stealing my camera.  He has his own fancy digital SLR now and so there hasn’t been much need for me to photograph but one of the great things about this blog routine is I’m going to need to change that!

It’s a warm day today and thinking about photos has taken me back to my main use of my little point and shoot – mountain landscapes and plant identification!

floe lake

floe lake


storm clouds and flowers


fireweed and fire

There’s a theme here – BC.  And I was in good shape for jaunts up and down mountains.  I’m so glad I’m getting in shape now so I can get back to this kind of fun in the summer.   Photos are definitely a good thing!



  1. Very pretty. Now what the heck did I call those fluffy flowers years back… grandma’s breads? 😀 Seriously, it was something like that. I don’t know if you were there that time we went up at Bear Lake?

  2. We call them “hippie on a stick” but I think they’re actually western anemones aka pasqueflowers (Anemone occidentalis). I love the sound of the latin name for fireweed and always remember it – Epilobium angustifolium.

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