bath bombs

January 14, 2009

Okay, so these are a girly girl kind of thing.  I never thought I’d try them let alone make them but they were on the agenda when I went to visit Annie at Christmas.

We tried one of the more complex recipes as documented on her blog here.

Two weekends ago I pulled a muscle while climbing.  Silly girl that I am, I couldn’t pass up the warm weather and went for an x-c ski the next day.  My legs were so ouched afterwards, creating the perfect situation for trying a bomb.  It was so much easier to toss a it in the bath than go downstairs and mix some essential oils with canola oil.   It fizzed for over a minute!

They were great, but since making them was not without their challenges I decided to try another recipe, inspired by Krista’s.  I didn’t add coloring and I needed to use more witch hazel, probably because it’s so dry here.

They were definitely easier to make and I liked that they didn’t require cornstarch but… they don’t really moisturize and I learned that I’m not too keen on the smell of witch hazel.

So there you have, I’m venturing further into the girly girl realm because I made not one, but two bath bomb recipes.  I think that may be it though!



  1. You’d better watch out because girly stuff can get addictive. Next thing you know you’ll be bawling over Jane Austen movies and wearing fluffy slippers!
    You’ll have to bring me one of your bath bombs when I see you on Sunday. FYI, I also found this Gluten free book with info on grains (probably redundant) and some recipes. I will try to remember to bring that along with the paste.

  2. Interesting. I was so ready to just accept Krista’s recipe because of the ingredient list but I see that moisturiser and scent could be a factor. I happen to love witch hazel smell so can’t wait to try that one when the citric acid and beet root powder come in at the store. It’s so cool you’ve been experimenting with your own concoctions. You should share any real winners!

  3. Did you take a picture?

  4. […] 25, 2009 by elementsofmylife I finally have a photo of the two types of bath bombs to share.  I meant to do share them sooner but you know how life sometimes gets in the way.  Now […]

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